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What We Do

Momentum is oxygen for your business. Through a commitment to storytelling, design, and hustle marketing our mission is to help your brand experience wild growth. Let’s turn your flicker to a flame.

Social Media Management

From setup to execution, Blue Flame Creative increases followers, manages your campaigns, and improves user engagement across all of your social media platforms. We also provide you with analytics reports and measure our success not in time spent, but in the actual results.

Hustle Marketing

Everything Blue Flame Creative does is done with a sense of urgency. Startups cannot afford to waste time. That’s why we put boots on the ground and go directly to your customers with our tireless street team leading the charge.

Creative Branding

We work with you to make sure your branding is aligned with the message you wish to convey. Our award-winning content team specializes in web and logo design, blogging, press releases, and all things storytelling.

Does your business need help?

We can take things to the next level by applying our unique approach to your business!

We gave Blue Flame Creative a challenge and they worked with us to understand our priorities and goals. Thereafter, we saw them immediately implement a plan of action to accomplish better results than other avenues we’ve tried. They approached each objective with a sense of urgency. Michele Stumpe

Co-Founder & Chair, Children of Conservation

The mobile app industry is extremely competitive. Not only do you have to find the perfect niche and execute, you must get your product in front of users. With just two brand reps from the Blue Flame Creative street team, StudyHubb was downloaded 1,200 times in one week at Kennesaw State University. Rich Fendler

Chief Marketing Officer, StudyHubb

Within three months Blue Flame Creative, propelled our website to 320,000 visits from around 50,000 unique visitors on zero dollar marketing. They used any means necessary to fulfill its mission of helping us essentially become Atlanta’s own Carl Sweat

Lead Analyst, The Millennial Snowflake